Epidemic of Low Back Pain from Forward Bending

Frequent forward bending while sitting or standing is a risk factor for low back pain. The Buttpillow (TM) Patented Ergonomic Seating Cushion has a wedge shape and can minimize risk factors for the development of low back pain while sitting.



In this study, a motion analysis system was used to measure the amount and velocity of lumbar spine and hip motion during forward bending.

The authors begin by citing the following previous findings:

Epidemic of Low Back Pain

“Disorders of the low back have reached epidemic proportions, (DeRosa, C.P., 1992).”

Lost Work Time | Workers’ Compensation Claims from Low Back Pain 

“Epidemiologic studies show that billions of dollars are spent annually on the problem of low back pain, which is one of the most commonly-cited problems for lost work time in industry and Workers’ Compensation claims, (Chase, J.A., 1992; Frymoyer, J.W., 1988; and Pope, M.H., et al., 1991).”

Frequent Forward Bending Causes Low Back Pain

“Researchers have shown an association between frequent forward bending and low back pain, (Berquist-Ullman, M., et al., 1977; Magora, A., 1973; Mellin, G., 1986; Punnett, L, et al., 1991; Svensson H.O., et al., 1989; Videman T., et al., 1989).”


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